The Spirit Release Foundation

The Spirit Release Foundation (originally the British Association for Spirit Release) was founded in 1999 by a group of medical and complementary practitioners who had a special interest in working with the condition known as spirit attachment.   The intention was to provide help and support.

It was a not-for-profit association of members, all of whom had an interest in spirit release and soul retrieval, although members were not necessarily practitioners of spirit release.

The Foundation's objectives were:

  • to enhance holistic health through awareness and understanding of internal and external influences on the mind, body and spirit, including those of spirit attachment and release.
  • to introduce this awareness and understanding to health-care practitioners and others.
  • to provide training and support in this field as it sees fit.
  • to encourage research into such areas of spiritual, mental and physical well being as may be appropriate.

Membership grew to a peak of about 160 but declined to remain around the 130 mark for many years. Relying on volunteers to run the Foundation gradually became more difficult and finally it became impossible to carry on in this way.   On 13 May 2012 members approved a special resolution that the Spirit Release Foundation should be dissolved with effect from 30 September 2012.

The last President of the SRF and one of its founders was Dr Alan Sanderson. Click here for his profile.

The Foundation developed an innovative training course leading to the award of a diploma in spirit release or accredited status. It also organised conferences to promote understanding and knowledge of spirt attachment and release.

This website was developed as an important source of information and will be maintained as an information source and as a means of finding a practitioner, so that the work of the Foundation will continue in spirit.

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