Articles and Case Studies

Here are a variety of articles that illustrate spirit attachment and release, some of which differentiate between this and other psychiatric conditions.


Articles by Alan Sanderson

The Spiritual Mechanics of Mind: SOUL-CENTERED HEALING by Tom Zinser A review article. August 2011

Spirit Attachment and Health A review article. July 2010

Multiple Personality and Spirit Attachment - Part 1. Paper 2005

Multiple Personality and Spirit Attachment - Part 2. Case Study Paper 2005

Spirit Releasement Therapy in a Case Featuring Depression and Panic Attacks - Dr Alan Sanderson

Bill Baldwin (Obituary) - Dr Alan Sanderson

Polly - A case of spirit possession and her childhood saviour - Dr Alan Sanderson

Trapped by a Murderer's Hate - Dr Alan Sanderson

Psychosis or Spirit Attachment? - A personal account by Hilary Pegg, with comments by Dr Alan Sanderson


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Other Articles and Case Studies

The Treatment of Gender Dysphoria Sex Change or Spirit Change? - Edith Fiore Ph.D

David's Journey - Leslie Moul

Harriet's Story - Eileen Watkins Seymour

My First Spirit Case - Richard Perrot

Nursing Stephen - Michael Sheehan

Psychic Attack - David Furlong

Letitia: A case for the Devon Rescue Group - Michael Evans

Sceptic in the Cathedral - Michael Evans

Spiritualist Rescue Work - Michael Evans

The Victim's Story - Mary and her practitioner, Victoria Harris, give both sides of the story

An Undercurrent of Suffering  - Clif Sanderson


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