What is Spirit Attachment?

This page gives a brief summary of spirit attachment and release. 

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Spirit Attachment and Release

Some of the more common symptoms of spirit attachment can be: lack of energy, memory disturbance, behavioural change, mood change, addictive behaviour, relationship problems and hearing disturbing voices. There may be bodily pain and other physical symptoms. The degree of attachment also varies. Some individuals are scarcely affected, while in rare cases the individual's body and mind have been taken over completely.

Spirit attachment is not uncommon and is often misdiagnosed because many practitioners are not aware of it and because the symptoms might fit a number of possible diagnoses. In some instances attachments exacerbate an existing complaint with similar symptoms. They may be the reason that recovery from a complaint is very slow.

It is important, however, to realise that it is very easy to blame an attachment for what may just be something distressing going on in one's own life that one would rather not address.  There may also be genuine medical reasons for any symptoms.  Humans are complicated and spirits no less so.  Long term solutions are usually not quick fixes.

Spirit Release is the is the term given to the process of clearing the attachment.

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