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The Missing Peace

The Missing Peace
by Eileen Seymour, Clive Digby-Jones and Susan Norman

Synopsis: How much of you is present right now, on a scale of 1-10? As things happen to us throughout life - hurt, fears, rejections - parts of us shut down. They do this with the best of intentions, usually to save us from pain. The result is that most of us are operating at less than 100 per cent effectiveness. This book is about a unique method of releasing the light hidden in all our dimensions so we can shine. This book is about becoming whole.

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Healing Journey

The Healing Journey
by Matthew Manning

Matthew Manning is one of the world's most gifted healers. In The Healing. Journey he provides a guide to achieving optimum health, well-being and happiness. Drawing on his own work and the research and experiences of leading healers, doctors and medical scientists around the world, he explains how our emotions are integral to our health and examines the amazing benefits of nutrition, prayer and positive thoughts. Inspired by his wife's successful battle with cancer, Matthew Manning offers insight inspiration and solid information for everyone who want to improve their health and well-being. Explains the link between your mind and your body; Provides the latest research into alternative treatments and scientific findings and reveals what works and what doesn't; Shows you how positive thoughts and images can aid the healing process; Explores the power of prayer and meditation; Includes simple and effective self-healing techniques.

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Channelling for Everyone
by Tony Neate

Channelling is about allowing oneself to become aware of one's intuitive self and of subtler levels of consciousness. In this introduction, the author traces the history of channelling from its roots in Ancient Egypt to its popularity today, and explains the three levels upon which it operates.


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Book of the Soul

The Book of the Soul
by Ian Lawton

What happens to us when we die, where do we go, how do we look at the life just lived and choose the next. This book takes a giant step towards answering these questions, reviewing the work of the leading practitioners in the field of interlife regression. In drawing conclusions from the wealth of knowledge and experience available, Lawton points us unerringly to a positive and loving future.


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Beyond the Brain
by Stanislav Grof

Addressing a wider reading public, Stanislav Grof, Prof of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins U. and Scholar in residence at Esalen Institute offers a comprehensive, well-documented and profusely illustrated survey of his practice of psychiatry using LSD for deep regression into the transpersonal dimensions of the human psyche. But this is also a broader philosophical investigation into the historical development of a new scientific paradigm. A very instructive and very rewarding book to read.

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The Field

The Field
by Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart has succeeded in writing an accessible account of what can be a mind boggling subject. She presents some of the research that provides a foundation of proof for a "collective consciousness" and certain "supernatural" phenomena (such as precognition and telepathy) that is based in established knowledge of physics. Explanations of these theories steer clear of complex equations in favour of metaphor (comparing the Field to the "Force" in Starwars is a little sensationalist) and simple terms, making it an easy read. However, the experiments are presented as fact without too much explanation of methodology, so a little critical thinking is often required. If you are looking for a book to whet your appetite for the subject, then it's a good place to start, as it points to some of the more meaty reading (Michael Talbot / David Bohm). If you are looking for definitive answers to questions about consciousness and your place in the universe, this book will probably leave you with more questions than you started with, but with an urge to find out more.

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Max Long

The Secret Science Beyond Miracles and the Huna Code in Religion
by Max Freedom Long

Having read literally hundreds of books on personal growth and psychology, I found this book brought many of the ideas together and gave a new angle. It is also amazing to discover that the so called primitive people were really advanced and may have discovered their garden of Eden in Polynesia and pacific only to be seduced by new world and materialism. However I found HUNA traditions very advanced both psychologically and spiritually. This book is not for a beginner but would definitely help someone already on the path of self discovery.

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Entering the circle

Entering the Circle
by Olga Kharitidi

The author recounts her discipleship to a Siberian shaman, who taught her the rituals of his isolated Siberian mountain community and their powerful beliefs about consciousness and healing.



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Sick Houses

Healing Sick Houses: Dowsing for Healthy Homes
by Roy Procter and Ann Proctor

This text describes the earth's subtle energy field and how it operates, how energy lines are disrupted and become negative, cases of how people are affected by disrupted energy lines, the process of adjusting the negative lines and how to make your own house better.


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Family patterns

Healing Your Family Patterns
by David Furlong

Healing imbalances within our family patterns is crucial to our health and wellbeing. In this book, David Furlong explains the relevance of our ancestors to the healing process. He shows how the character and experience of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents shape our lives in all sorts of subtle ways and the importance of healing the patterns from past generations which continue to affect us today. By learning to connect with these energies from the past we can free up and balance their impact on our lives and on future generations.

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Family Tree

Healing the Family Tree
by Kenneth McAll

The author, a psychiatrist, explains how through his medical and religious experiences he has discovered another method of healing. He believes that many supposedly "incurable" patients are the victims of ancestral control. He therefore seeks to liberate them from this control. By drawing up a family tree he can identify the ancestor who i causing his patient harm. He then cuts the bond between the ancestor and the patient by celebrating, with a clergyman, a service of Holy Communion in which he delivers the tormented ancestor to God.

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