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Bill Baldwin, one of the pioneers of the spirit release movement in America, passed away in April 2004.

In California in the 1970s a fire-fighter turned dentist began to do past life regressions on his afternoons off. That was the start of a journey that was to take Bill Baldwin on a pioneering path into the realm of spirit possession, where he was to develop his own method of treating what he renamed spirit attachment. With characteristic dedication and thoroughness, Bill first became an ordained minister and gained a doctorate in psychology. His doctoral thesis was later extended and published as Spirit Releasement Therapy: a Technique Manual (1991), still the only textbook on the subject. Thereafter, Bill devoted his life to exploring and promoting spiritual therapies in the clinical setting. By the time of his death at 65, on 24th April, Bill had become the undisputed authority in this field.

A towering figure, both as teacher and therapist, Bill's work was characterised by the seriousness and balance of his views, his wide knowledge and his compassionate handling of his clients. He lectured and taught in many countries. The authority of Bill's presentations ensured that, even though the material was highly controversial, he was always listened to with respect. Among his many awards, the one he prized most came from the International Association for New Science, in 1994.

To friends and family Bill will live on as a loving and generous soul. Judith, his wife, soul mate and co-worker, is dedicated to continuing the work, a decision at which the couple's many friends and admirers will rejoice. Bill's last book, Healing Lost Souls (2003), is a popularisation of his work. In it he tells how, after hearing Edith Fiore speak of spirit possession in 1980, he read Annabel Chaplin's "The Bright Light of Death". This so affected him that, for several weeks he could not read on. The book convinced Bill that spirit attachment was a common condition that could be effectively treated. He knew that he must make this his life's work. And now Bill's journey is being continued by many others. I believe it will pass beyond the sphere of individual therapy.

 Dr Alan Sanderson

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