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Case Study


David's Journey

by   Leslie Moul

Being born with psychic gifts is a spiritual blessing - the mastery of them is an enormous challenge.
I was able to leave my body from a very early age and see my physical body below me. When I explained this to the “adults” in my environment I was met with very little understanding and told not to tell such tall stories! Retreat into my inner self was the only course left open to me - more trouble lay ahead. After two nervous breakdowns due to overwork and burgeoning spiritual gifts, I became the victim of souls from the darker realms and desperately needed help.
After years in the psychic wilderness I was eventually led to the one person who could help me to understand all that was within me.
He taught me the principles of balanced living, love for God and service to my fellow man. My soul cried out to understand so many things (he had achieved the highest goal of all spiritually aspiring souls - Unity with God) but the greatest lesson of all was God first and the rest will follow.
Endowed with my own spiritual attributes, I now help others to find their own soul (spark of God) within themselves. When individuals are adept in meditation and have understood and mastered their own ego, then they are qualified to begin spiritual service for the benefit of other seekers.
For the courageous souls who choose to undertake advanced spiritual training in the field of soul rescue, I help them develop their soul strength to go deeper into the darker realms. It is only by their understanding of the power of God within them that they are able to face the darkest of evils. Freeing souls from their clutches is one of the most challenging aspects of spiritual life.

David's Journey
In June 1991 my doorbell rang and on opening the door I saw a young man of 24 years painfully thin, with a tortured expression upon his face.

"Please can you help me I'm dying of cancer I have been given a month to live and my mind is in turmoil"

I took him upstairs to my workroom and he lay on the couch.

"I have cancer of the bone in my right shoulder, the tumour has grown so big that it has splintered the bone and the hospital say there is nothing more they can do for me. They have offered me more treatment but say it will not cure me, but more than that at night I see figures around me taunting me and telling me that they are coming for me. Please help me, save me from the darkness"

I asked him what other treatment he was having. He was consuming only organic liquids and mineral water. He had been to several healers and alternative therapists and seen the leading cancer specialists.

"David what do you wish of me?"

"I have heard that you are a healer, but can also deal with dark spirits"
"Yes that is so, but what do you want of me?"

"Please rid me of the dark spirits"

"What about your health?"

"There is no hope; I'm dying."

"Have you asked God what he wishes for you?"

"I don't believe in God"

"That may be so, yet you know the darkness exists or do you merely think it is a by product of your chemotherapy?"

"They did warn me I might hallucinate, but this is worse I can feel them touch me"

"Very well David I can offer you a choice, I can remove the spirits from you and you will then pass in probably a month or six weeks time as the doctors have said, or you can fight, throw off the dark spirits and in so doing add a considerable length of time to your life - maybe five to seven years - the choice is yours"

"I'll fight."

"I do not want you to make a decision now, but come back tomorrow for the road is long and hard it will not be easy."

The following day David arrived back at my door.

"I'll fight"

"So be it, let us begin. First of all I need you to eat healthily, real food, solid food, deny yourself nothing. Secondly, as you have already decided to have no further treatment from the hospital I wish you to have an x-ray for us to keep a visual record of. Thirdly, I will teach you a form of meditation that will energise your body and your spirit, enabling you to throw off the forces of darkness and heal your physical body. I want you to practice this three times a day, building up to one hour for each session." And so we began.

Each week David would come and I would place my hands upon his shoulder, each week we would talk about the pain he had endured that week and the threats he had received from the dark spirits, and each week I would help him to understand God's Laws which apply to the earth, and the spirit. The first milestone came at the end of six weeks when he should have died. The second milestone was the Christmas that he thought would be his last. I sent him for another x-ray in January. The tumour had reduced in size by 25%…he came back jubilant and elated!

"We have a long way to go David, your shoulder is twice the size of the other and you only have 45% range of movement in it"

"Yes I know" he said, "but I have lived almost six months longer than I should have; the bone had fractured, the cancer should have travelled rapidly all over my body but it hasn't and the voices are far less intrusive than before."

"That comes purely from your own efforts in the meditation that I have given you. Re-establishing and focussing on the God within you has strengthened your aura and enabled you to push away the dark spirits around you. It was only the extreme weakness of your physical body, due to the cancer and the treatment, that let those dark souls near you."

And so the months went on and David became stronger, the tumour shrinking to 50% of its original size and to prove a point, he built himself his own wooden yacht to sail in and by the spring he no longer heard the voices. He was often invited to talk to others about the power of his positive attitude and the effect that it was having on his cancer.

As the months turned into years he looked at me one day and said, "How long can this go on?"

And I replied "When you have had enough it will end very quickly"

"But I'm afraid the voices will come back"

"No you are beyond that now, the light shines brightly from your soul, you have found the God within you; no darkness can ever touch you again."

And so time went on and I would see David perhaps once every two weeks to talk and to share God's love.

Then one day he looked at me and said, "I'm tired of fighting. I've had enough… I want to see what is next."

"I understand David," I said. "I can promise you an easy transition, I will show you how to let go." Within three days he had left his body forever.

And so passed one of the bravest young men I have ever known… seven years and three months after first meeting him



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