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The Treatment of Gender Dysphoria
Sex Change or Spirit Change?

by   Edith Fiore Ph.D

Edith Fiore

We are grateful to Dr Fiore for this unpublished case study. The Unquiet Dead, still the best read on spirit release, is available from our Book Section.
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Edith Fiore, Ph.D, is the author of three books on various aspects of her work as a clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist. You Have Been Here Before: A Psychologist Looks at Past Lives deals with her work doing past-life regressions as a therapeutic tool. The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession not only discusses cases and treatment of spirit possession but includes a verbatim transcript of a self-depossession technique. Encounters: A Psychologist Reveals Case Studies of Adbuctions by Exterrestrials also includes a self test to determine whether there has been an abduction.

Dr. Fiore received her graduate degrees from the University of Maryland and the University of Miami. After working in two psychiatric clinics, she had a private practice in Miami, Florida for two years and then moved to and practiced in California for 25 years. During those years, she lectured in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. She has trained over one thousand therapists in her techniques.
She is currently retired and living in Florida where she is writing an historical novel on Ancient Egypt and enjoying life.

Roger is an internationally recognized physician who has presented more than 60 papers throughout the world on his work. His specialty is on the cutting edge of modern medicine. Besides being a scientist, he is a caring healer whose life's work eases the pain of the dying.

He is an attractive man, tall, with sandy-colored hair and soft brown eyes. He appeared years younger than forty-one, perhaps because of his fit, well-proportioned body and rather unlined face. His tan suggested he escaped from his busy schedule to spend some time outdoors.

Despite his natural politeness and reserve, he confessed, within seconds of settling himself in the chair, that he was here almost against his will. His wife, Mary, had put tremendous pressure on him to come to see me. She had insisted that they come as soon as they could get an appointment and plane reservations. He said, "I'm here against my three therapists' advice. They're upset because it was my wife's decision. In fact, one got quite angry with me because he felt Mary is manipulating me. We had a horrible therapy session, Mary, the therapist and I, last week. We were very close to getting into a violent argument, she is totally rejecting of the program I'm in and that I'm going through with a sex-change operation. She wanted me to see you. We had a terrific argument at home after the therapy session and she told me I didn't have an alternative - that I had to see you or that was it. I feel that she has very unrealistic cure goals for me. After all, I've been diagnosed by the psychiatrists at the Center, corroborated with a whole battery of psychological tests, as having a severe gender dysphoria."

"Why did you finally agree to come to see me?"

"She gave me an ultimatum. Mary read your book, The Unquiet Dead two weeks ago and had me read it. She feels that I'm possessed by a female spirit." He smiled contemptuously, but quickly continued, "And a friend of Mary's, a very sensitive person, claims to have actually seen this woman who is supposedly with me. I've also been depressed for the past six months. Actually, I was suicidal, because of the terrific conflict I feel. The psychiatrist I've been seeing put me on Prozac. At first it affected me negatively. I'd be very tired and hyper in the morning and I'd have ups and downs. Now it's fine. And drinking and anger are other issues I've been dealing with, not too successfully. When I joined the gender program four months ago, I cut out all hard alcohol. But in the last week, I've been abusing beer and wine."

"Would you feel comfortable telling me about the conflict?"

"I love Mary and l'd have to give her up. Also, I find my career very rewarding and challenging. I would lose both if I have a sex change operation and become a woman. My wife refuses to live a marital life with another woman, and as it is, there are already great strains on our relationship because of my problem. My professional life would come to an end because there would be a paper trail. Anyway, who would take me seriously, despite my credentials? All that I value would be lost in order to live my life as a female. There were times that I felt it would be better to be dead. I'd get terribly depressed and not see any light at the end of the tunnel."

He related that before his birth his mother desperately wanted a girl and was bitterly disappointed when she learned that she had a son. For the first two years of his life, she dressed him as a girl even though it upset her husband. Finally she stopped at his insistence. She was overjoyed when she had a daughter when Roger was five.

Shortly after Roger's sister's birth, he dressed himself as a girl. When relatives saw him, they laughed and thought it was cute. He was so embarrassed that he never did it again.

When he was 21, he married for the first time and divorced seven years later. The urge to cross-dress remained submerged until nine years before I saw him, when he was in his 30's. At that time it surfaced very strongly. Interestingly, it happened when he was on a ski vacation, enjoying himself and feeling relaxed and free of stress. He felt an irrepressible desire to dress as a woman, in fact, to become one. After that he accumulated a complete and expensive wardrobe of female clothing. He felt guilty during this period and afraid someone would find the clothes. He finally threw them away two years later. However, the urge was too overwhelming for him to resist, so he re-accumulated another wardrobe. After he was married, he worried constantly that Mary would find the clothing.

When they had been married for a little over a year, he told Mary that he liked female clothing and would occasionally dress up in them, but reassured her that he was not gay. He immediately shaved off his moustache. She was disturbed at first by his disclosure, thinking that he was abnormal. Finally she accepted it enough to even buy him a jumpsuit that he wore when she was not present.

On one occasion Mary left for her aerobics class, but returned early because the teacher had been ill and the class was cancelled. She almost walked in on him dressed completely as a woman with a blond wig, hosiery and high heels. He just managed to prevent her from catching him by actually frantically holding the door closed and entreating her to go back to the car for ten minutes. After arguing through the closed door, she finally agreed. He refused to tell her the reason at that time.

He was so distraught by what had happened that he finally decided he could no longer live a lie. It took about a month for him to summon up the courage to tell her. One evening, early in January, after dinner he told her he had something important to tell her but that he was afraid of losing her. He was terribly upset and crying. She asked him if it was about the cross- dressing. Apparently she had guessed the real reason he hadn't let her in the house the previous month. He told her that he couldn't continue to live a lie, that he wanted to cross-dress more often and more openly. He reassured her that he loved her and that he was not gay. It was an urge he couldn't resist. Even though she had suspected all along, she was still shocked. She had seen a Geraldo show that had helped her to understand cross-dressing. After, hours of talking, she eventually took it quite well.

As time went on, Mary became more accepting of Roger's cross- dressing. She even bought clothes for him. He was able to dress as a female completely, including makeup, in her presence. He shaved off his moustache again and gave up smoking a pipe. At times she became frightened because he cross-dressed so well that she could almost see him as a woman. She drew the line, however, when it came to having sex when he wore female clothing.

He convinced Mary to accompany him to a cross-dressers' club. He described it to me as, "heavily weighted towards transvestites, in other words, party girls, rather than men wanting to change their sex." She wasn't comfortable in that environment, but was trying to be understanding and accept him as he was.

By July Roger wanted to physically change himself into a woman, having his genitals surgically removed, a vagina created, having breast implants and electrolysis, and undergoing hormone therapy. It was then that he went to a gender clinic and got into their sexual dysphoria program. He informed me that sixty percent of the men in the program ultimately have sex-change operations.

I asked Roger to tell me about his sex life.

"My libido is lower, but not absent. I enjoy sex with Mary when we're getting along, which isn't often these days. She complains that I take a female role and it turns her off. Most of the time I fantasize that I'm a woman. I have dreams of having sex with a man, but in the waking state it's not at all what I want. That's a big problem for me because my sexual preference has always been heterosexual. So I'm still confused about whether to go ahead and change my body."

At this point I decided to give Roger some feedback. "I feel quite strongly that you do have a female spirit with you. She isn't satisfied with your male body and wants a female one. She may not even realize that. her own body has died and that she's possessing you. A great number of possessing spirits are in denial, they just don't want to accept their deaths. It may be that shes joined you during your ski vacation, especially since you may have weakened your aura's protection by drinking after a day of skiing."

"Edee, I'm not at all sure I can accept this spirit possession hypothesis. I've always felt, and my therapists agree, that it's what happened in my early childhood. I believe that my gender identity got set early on, as a girl, that is, by my mother."

"Roger, that is how most therapists would see it. It makes sense. But remember, you had years of no conflict and then it surfaced abruptly and strongly nine years ago. That's why I think possession is the cause of the problem. Let's use our remaining time today, which is just about 30 minutes, and I'll do a generalized depossession and then a mini-depossession specifically for a female who wants to change your body. I'll tape it so that you can work with it on your own. Then tomorrow we may do a regression to your childhood and explore that as a cause. Hopefully, at least we can release some entities today, whether or not they are in any way causing or contributing to the problem. As a physician, you've spent a lot of time during your training and since then in hospitals. I've found that doctors, nurses, aides and ambulance drivers usually have picked up a great number of spirits."

Roger agreed to the depossessions. After reclining in the chair, I covered him with a lavender plaid mohair blanket. He closed his eyes, and I turned on the tape-recorder and began the hypnotic induction.

As I did the first, generalized depossession, I noticed obvious signs of anxiety. His breathing became shallow and rapid. The pulses on the sides of his neck speeded up. When I told the spirits that their loved ones were present to help them, tears rolled down his cheeks. With the blessing at the end, his whole body relaxed and his face seemed content.

After bringing him out of hypnosis, I asked what he had experienced. He proved to be quite clairvoyant, which about 50 percent of my patients appear to be under hypnosis. He "saw" many spirits leave with their loved ones.

I asked him to close his eyes again and then did the depossession for the female spirit I assumed was present. His face and body registered first anxiety and then became calmer as I spoke of the beautiful, youthful body she would have when she went into the spirit world with her loved ones. When I mentioned the exquisite wardrobe that she could have, a big smile broke out on Roger's face. This time it was not a smile of contempt, but one of happiness. I ended the depossession and brought him out of hypnosis.

"Her name was Natalie. She couldn't wait to leave! She knew I'd make a lousy woman, being as tall as I am. When she heard that she could have her own perfect female body, she was overjoyed. That's what she really wanted, but was settling for second best. When you mentioned her wardrobe, that was it. She didn't even wait for her blessing. Off she went with some guy who came for her."

"What do you think of it now, Roger?"

"It was too real to doubt. But, it's too easy. How could just a few minute resolve such an enormous problem?"

"It does sometimes. Let's hope that's the case with you. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. So time will tell. Observe yourself carefully today and this evening and let me know tomorrow if there are any changes."

We ended our first of two double, 100-minutes, sessions. I felt we had developed a rapport and that Roger was now cooperating fully in the treatment.

Roger and Mary were staying at the Inn at Saratoga, a beautiful bed and breakfast, right across the street from my office building. It, too, is alongside of the Saratoga Creek, and each room has a magnificent view of the park on the other side of the creek. They were planning to explore our quaint little village with its many five-star restaurants and shops. I was in suspense, waiting for our session the next day.

The next morning, my first appointment was Roger's. I eagerly walked out to the waiting room and immediately noticed that he was a changed man. He smiled broadly and bounded up from his chair. As soon as he stepped into my consulting room, he announced, "She's gone!"

Sitting down, he leaned forward and animatedly stated, "I feel different. But, I must admit I feel melancholy, like I've lost a friend. I feel more in control of myself. I feel now I can control my own destiny, certainly more than before. Anyway, she needs a male lover. She came back later to show me how she looked. She has long blond hair, much better than my wig. And a perfect figure. Her face is beautiful! I feel happy for her."

"Did Mary notice any changes in you?"

"We had sex - actually we made love, last night. I felt much more masculine than I have in years. She commented later that she could see a big difference. She's overjoyed. Somehow I've become more spiritual, if you can understand that."

"You probably released a lot of spirits who wers keeping you from being yourself. You'll be finding a lot of things in your life changing. Even if you were free of just her influence, it would be like an enormous burden has been lifted from you."

"I had less of an inclination to drink. I had a few beers but didn't overdo it."

"I'd like to check you out using a hotline to your subconscious mind to see if there are any spirits still here with you. I'11 establish finger-signals, and your inner mind can answer my questions directly. Your subconscious will lift and lower your fingers without any help or interference from your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind knows exactly what is going on within you. It knows how many spirits you've had, how many have left and not only how many are still here, but all about them. Finger signals can be very helpful. Then I'11 release as many as possible. After that we' 1 do some regressions to cover all bases."

Under hypnosis, Roger had no trouble establishing finger signals, a "yes" and "no" finger, that his inner mind used to answer my questions. Through them we learned that the person responsible for his gender dysphoria had indeed left. He had four additional spirits with him, three males and one female. They all readily left with their loved ones.

Since we had time left in our session, using my intuition, I asked his inner mind if his immediate past life was having a strong negative impact on him. His "yes" finger flipped up.

He regressed quickly and easily and saw himself as a little girl in a pretty dress playing outside and having a good time. When I asked him to move to a later time, he seemed puzzled and then stated, "She's having trouble getting older. I didn't get older." I asked his inner mind to take him to one hour before her death. He mumbled, "She's in bed. She looks awful. Her mother is concerned. She"s not-" He whispered, "Now she's gone." When I asked him how she felt once she was out of her body, he answered, "She feels good. She's warm. She's going toward a bright light and she feels happy."

As we continued our work, he went to the lifetime that was responsible for his karma, the possession that resulted in his gender confusion. After a death as a young woman, the spirit wanted a man and went to him. She chose him because he was big and strong and she felt he could protect her. The man was weakened by her presence, confused and couldn't understand what had happened to him, why he had changed so drastically. He felt feminine. She stayed with him for ten years and left when he aged and was no longer strong. She realized she had made a mistake. She went into the Light, the spirit world, where she met someone she loved who told her he was displeased with her, that her behavior was wrong. She was very remorseful and cried. Her mentor told her she would have to pay for her actions. She would have to have years of unhappiness, but that she would eventually be freed.

Roger confided, "The woman came back as me. My mother is looking at her belly, wishing, praying for a girl. She gets her wish almost!"

Four days after our session, Roger wrote me a letter in which he expressed his gratefulness for my help. He added, "I saw Natalie briefly Sunday. She is very happy and grateful to all of us. I asked to see her lover. . . ..UMMMM, quite handsome. They were slightly impatient young lovers, so I didn't keep them long. I'm sure that she will be around more after the "first time thrills" wear off a little; at least I presumed that that happens to spirits, too. I also think my regular ex-therapist would have me committed if she read this letter." Later in the letter he wrote, "It feels so good to be coming back to normal."

Since Roger's first session, two years ago, he has been cured of his gender dysphoria. He wouldn't consider undergoing an operation to change his sex, because he has been completely satisfied with being a male. In another letter, he wrote that he was more than delighted to get rid of his wardrobe. He cancelled his appointments at the Center and wrote the director a vehement letter expressing his horror at what they had almost done to him. He tried to get others in the program to seek my help, but most. became very defensive and angry with him.

I have seen Roger on two more occasions for brief therapy dealing with his drinking and anger which were impeding the mending of his relationship with Mary. We worked on releasing more spirits and he improved greatly. Our meetings were joyous occasions for all three of us. We had formed a friendship during his first visit that will endure. I feel especially privileged to have been able to help him and, indirectly, both of them. During our last session, they gave me a very cherished gift, a Baccarat crystal angel. More than the present, I appreciate their love and gratitude.

Just as I finished writing up Roger's account, I got an inspiration to call him to see how he has been. It's been a year since we've talked on the phone or had any communication. Roger was more than delighted to hear from me. Thirty minutes before his phone rang, he had just finished a letter to me which was on a table next to the door to be mailed the next day. He said, "It can't be a coincidence!" He reported that he is "doing fine." The gender dysphoria is a thing of the past.



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