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Case Study


Nursing Stephen

by   Michael Sheehan

Group of Nurses
None of these nurses is Tracy

Michael Sheehan practises in Kent. He used an eclectic approach (mixed interactive and intuitive) to spirit release when working with Tracy - a nurse at a local hospital. But he stresses that it is important to be flexible in one's approach to spirit release.

Tracy came to me to say she felt that she was suffering from possession. The entity had ruined her marriage and she was now divorced. She has two daughters aged 12 and 15. Tracy had been a devout Roman Catholic and had already been to the Church for an exorcism. This had not had any effect.
I firstly said prayers for the protection of the room, my client and myself and asked for the help of appropriate helpers from the world of spirit. Having scanned Tracy I discovered a very dark shadow in her lower body. The shadow was 'Stephen', a patient whom Tracy had nursed. He said Tracy 'was unhappy and wanted comfort', so he joined her. 'She was empty in her stomach so I filled the gap'. Stephen had become her surrogate husband. He said she had asked him for a sexual relationship with him. I asked Stephen if he realised that Tracy had come to ask for help and that he might be causing her harm and distress. He agreed to leave her if that was the case. Stephen then talked with her higher self and said very softly and sadly that he was ready to go. Stephen could see no one in the light to receive him. I asked his angels to come for him and guide him into the light. Stephen saw them bright and shining and full of love. He checked his body to see that nothing was attached to him and then left with his angels.
I then called upon the Healing Angels to come and fill the spiritual space left in Tracy with healing light and that they would stay with Tracy as long as was necessary for all the healing she needed to take place. I asked that they would then go to the very centre of Tracy's body and from there fill her body with healing light, extending this light to at least an arm's length around her body and aura, as a protective cocoon of golden white light. I then called upon the Chakra Angels to cleanse and align her chakras. I also called upon the Auric Angels to be there to brighten the aura.
I then re-scanned Tracy and was happy that nothing else needed to be done. Having thanked all the helping angels, I asked them to stay with Tracy for however long it takes to complete their work, and to help Tracy's own guides and angels together with her higher self. I asked that they let Tracy's conscious mind know that all the negativity had been removed and that she could change her thoughts to positive. Tracy then was re-turned to a state of full consciousness. She told me that she felt like a new woman and that a great 'weight' had been lifted off her body.

Michael Sheehan



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