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In early October of 1990, I was visiting with friends who live in a farmhouse just north of Plymouth. The earliest part of the present structure dates from the early 16th. century. My friends, Bob and Betty were very interested in local history and the archeology of various churches and ruins in the area. I had been helping them for sometime in locating sites and determining the age of these and various other details through dowsing.

On the first evening of my stay Betty suddenly asked me whether I could dowse for ghosts. I replied that I didn't know as I had never been asked this question before nor had I thought of trying. "Well," said Betty, "we think we may have one!" They had recently had an en-suite bathroom installed off their bedroom.

The room was the upper part of a narrow structure attached to the side of the main farmhouse. There was never any connection through to the main building. The bottom of this structure had been used as a harness room, the upper part contained a room for two female servants. Bob and Betty had had the staircase blocked off and had the upper room converted to a bathroom with a door leading into their bedroom.

Shortly after the conversion, Betty woke in the middle of the night to observe a shadowy figure vbanishing out of the door onto the landing. She thought that it must have been Bob who had forgotten the presence of the ensuite bathroom and had gone to the bathroom down the hall. Then she realised that Bob was asleep beside her! Over the next few weeks they had both seen and heard, on occasions, this etherial figure. "Please, please can you find out what this is all about!"

So I asked my three usual, preliminary questions and getting an affirmative answer to all three, I stepped into the bathroom and asked whether there a "spirit entity" was present. I called "it" by this name because with no previous experience I wondered how I should address a haunting. The answer I received from my L Rods was affirmative. Then began a regime which has now become second nature to me when working on such problems. I become psychic, may experience clairvoyance and clairaudience and know intuitively the sequence of events. These steps are helped along by the occasional use of my dowsing instruments.

I determined that the spirit entity was that of a young woman who had died a most painful death in that room in 1833. She had been born and raised on a farm some twenty miles or so north of Bob's farm. She had given birth to an illegitimate child. Her family were very strict Chapel people and the child was placed in the care of one of the girl's aunts whilst she was banished into service on this farm. She had fallen forward into a vat of boiling water whilst helping to scald a butchered pig and was herself scalded from the top of her head to her waist. She was taken to her room and died there three days later. The spirit was benign but I found out that she wanted prayers to be offered up for her. This I have found to be common to most spirits who haunt a location. They need to be prayed over and lead on to a higher spiritual plane. So we joined hands and prayed that having found out her story, we wished that she might leave her present plane and progress to a higher plane of light with our love and understanding.

Next morning I was asked to examine another bedroom to see if there was anything unusual present. Three young grandchildren staying at the farm some months previously, had been put to bed in that room. The two girls had no problems but the boy was frightened, said that there was something "wrong" in the room and he couldn't stay there, so they put him in another room. Emma, the house cat, would never venture into that room.

So, rods in hand I entered the room and asked my opening question, "Is there a spirit entity in this room?" Affirmative! "In which direction is this spirit located?" the rods pointed towards the far end of the room. I walked slowly down the length of this large bedroom and on reaching the third bed, the rods turned violently and I felt that I had stepped into a deep freezer. Carrying on to the fourth bed the rods returned to the rest position and the temperature returned to its normal warm value. Back again and I experienced the same phenomena. On dowsing the spirit I found it to be the spirit of a young lad of fourteen who had died of a fever in his mother's arms in 1633. He was the third son of the family and although everyone in the family had suffered from this fever, he was the only one to succumb. I felt that he was a frightened little boy who was "lost." We prayed over him and sent his spirit on.

After I left the farm to return to my sister's house, I received a call from Betty who said that she had forgotten to tell me about the third haunting. There is a series of three sheds on the far side of a lane running past the farmhouse down to the River Tamar which lies a few score yards from the house. Betty had found that she was unable to stay in the middle shed, now used for apple storage, for more than a few minutes. Something compelled her to leave. Emma, the cat, similarly wouldn't stay there. I made a drawing of the house, the lane, the sheds and the river as being a visual person, I find this helps me to "put myself in the picture." I then dowsed the shed for the presence of a spirit entity. Instead of one I came up with four ... all of whom had met violent ends at the same time in 1644. At this point in my search, through a combination of being in a psychic state, intuition and dowsing, I discovered the following story ...

During the Civil war, four countrymen, unarmed followers of the Royalist cause, had been cut off from their companions. They had entered the shed to hide, believing that they had been unobserved. However a local sympathiser of the Parliamentarians had seen their actions and had gone to inform a Roundhead sergeant in the nearby village. This individual who I saw as a large and rather coarse, belicose man, took half a dozen troopers to the farm. They called out the farmer and his wife and questioned them at length, but they had been unaware of anything untoward happening.

They then went to the shed. Bursting in they discovered the four Royalist followers trying to hide themselves in a pile of straw. These unfortunate individuals ofered minimal resistance yet were slaughtered. It was sheer buchery and done with a savage, demonic delight. At this point I witnessed swords hacking, blood flying, the sergeant with his mouth flecked with saliva, his eyes bloodshot and dilated. I heard the screams of the victims and the maniacal laughter of the Roundheads. Having finished their slaughter they dragged the bodies down the lane and threw them into the river, where they drifted seaward on the tide. I prayed over those poor, illiterate rustics, so cruelly killed and sent them on to that higher plane of light.

The ghost of the unfortunate servant has never been seen again. Betty can now spend all day in the apple shed if needs be. Emma takes a delight in going into that second bedroom and sleeping in the warming, morning sunlight on that, previously haunted bed!

"I am thy father's spirit, doomed for a certain time to walk the night ..."

Hamlet, A.1. Sc.iv.


My First Spirit Case -
            Or a Very Bad Case of Spirits

Richard Perrott


Glendower: "I can call spirits from the vasty deep."
Hotspur: "Why so can I, or so can any man; but will they come when you do call them?"

Henry IV, Part 1, A.3. Sc.1.



Richard Perrott - Autobiography
Born at St.Day in Cornwall, 1918. Raised and schooled in Exmouth, Devon. Attended Seale-Hayne Agricultural College for three years and was part way through a degree in Agriculture when W.W.II broke out. Served in the Royal Artillery and later in R.E.M.E. as an instructor in A.A. Radar - was also i/c drawing office at the A.A.Command School of Technical Instruction. On being demobbed in 1946 I found that Seale-Hayne no longer offered the B.Sc. course and on applying to other agricultural colleges was told that they would willing take me when they had taken back their own original students, maybe in 3 or 4 years! So I took a teachers' training course specializing in Art and Crafts. I taught in various schools in England for five years and then with my wife and two children immigrated to Canada . . . a move I have never regretted. Through summer courses and evening courses I was able to obtain a B.Ed degree from U.B.C. and later a B.A.degree from Brock University, both degrees with distinctions. I taught mainly High School Chemistry and Biology at first, then I became principal of an 850 pupil Elementary School in Ontario with one English and one French section. One had not only to be double-tongued but silver-tongued also as the French parents were extremely touchy in all dealings with "les Anglais." I later went to Nova Scotia to take over the principalship of a Junior High School. I loved every moment of my teaching experience, particularly with the very young grades and with handicapped and slow-learning children. My wife, Marguerite, also a teacher, was for many years a specialist with children with learning disorders and children with speech handicaps. We both retired from teaching 19 years ago and moved out to B.C. Here in Sidney where we live, just half an hours drive north from Victoria, we realy live in a beautiful spot and are very happy.
In 1984 we both took a course at the American Society of Dowsers' school for dowsing in Vermont. Although Marguerite rarely practices the art, I have found it fascinating. I graduated from locating water to moving underground streams. From there to dowsing houses regarding any structural defects (very useful when one is contemplating buying a new home). Then on to discovering both negative and positive energy locations in and around a property and removing the bad energy. Then when I was doing some archeological dowsing for friends just north of Plymouth in Devon during a vacation there, they asked me if I could dowse for ghosts. I replied that that was something I had never done - but why not! I was able to locate through dowsing two different spirits within the 450 year old farmhouse and four spirits in a barn near the house. It was at this time I experienced my first case of claire-audience and claire-voyance. I "saw" and "heard" the murder of four unarmed Royalist supporters by Roundheads during the Civil War in that barn. Having had no training or information as to how to deal with such forms I had "to fly by the seat of my pants!" I asked the spirits if they wanted release, if they wanted prayers said for them, and through the reaction of my dowsing rods got a very strong positive reaction to each question. I then asked those present if they would join me in silent prayer that these spirits would go on to a higher plane. I then carefully instructed each spirit to look for a staircase where there was a shaft of intense white light coming down and then having found it to ascend the stairs where they would encounter the spirits of relatives and friends who had already made the transition and they would be welcomed.
Since that first attempt at releasing earth-bound spirits, this is the course I have followed. If I do this remotely, of course I pray alone. It is my observation that spirits are attracted to lines of negative energy, particularly to energy vortexes originating deep within the earth, in fact in many cases they seem to be held as if by a magnet to such vortexes. I am a practising Roman Catholic and many of the requests for help come through Catholic priests. I find that this method works. I get requests for help both locally and worldwide, about one every seven to ten days so I keep busy in my retirement. I keep a file of most of my more interesting cases. I have also done some work with past life regressions, finding this useful in some cases. I find that as I continue to practise this spirit release I am aware that intuition cuts in when I am about to formulate the next question, sometimes the whole or a least part of the problem becomes evident in my mind. I have had only one experience with a DFE which I found quite alarming as I was unprepared to witness its appearance. I exited the scene immediately and referred the lady in question to a trained exorcist as I felt unable to deal with the DFE not having had previous experience or training.
I also do counselling and provide spiritual help with some of the aboriginal people on the four Indian Reserves we have in the vicinity. Not only are many of them very spiritual in their outlook but many practise what they refer to as "bad Indian medicine." In common with aboriginal peoples around the world they are able to put bad medicine on one another, causing discomfort and sometimes quite severe sickness. I have been called in, not infrequently to locate the source of this bad medicine and to get rid of it. Again I do this through dowsing, using pendulum, L Rods and an aurameter, whichever is the most appropriate at the time.
We also do quite a lot of church work, sick visitations and work with our local Food Bank. So a fulfilling way for a couple of octogenarians to fill in their spare hours.
Dick (Richard C. Perrott).
202 - 10016 Third Street, Sidney, B.C., Canada, V8L 3B3
Phone: (250) 656 -2386 email: dowsingdick@home.com



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