"Polly and her Childhood Saviour" by Dr Alan Sanderson

The night before coming to me for her first therapy session, Polly dreamed that a girl of nine was shot. The bullet went straight through the child and through the house in which she was, leaving a track of light. The body vanished. When Polly and others ran out of the house to look for it there was nothing to be found. “It felt good,” she commented. “I felt a freshness and could breathe again.”

Shortly before coming, Polly had left her second husband and resigned her teaching job. At fifty she wanted a new life. The old life had featured low self esteem and many unhappy experiences, most notably two unhappy marriages and much promiscuity. Ten years of therapy had sustained her, but a feeling of deep sadness remained. Having heard of spirit release, Polly decided to give it a try. There was a history of suspected abuse from her GP father, a sex and drug addict. When Polly was ten, the parents split up. Polly and her brothers lived with the mother. As an adult, Polly looked after her father in his final illness and he apologised to her, indirectly, for sexual abuse.

After inducing hypnosis, I had Polly look in an imaginary mirror. She saw herself as a sad little girl in a pretty dress. I took her deeper and asked the subconscious if there was anyone with her. Finger movements indicated one attachment, a girl of nine, who answered readily through Polly’s voice.

“I’m Jane.”

“Do you like being with Polly?”

 “I don’t think I’ve got any choice. It’s O.K.”

Jane had joined when Polly was three.

“How did you come to join her, Jane? What happened? “

 “Well, there was something happening with her dad and she didn’t like it so she left her body, so I came in because I like it.”

When asked how she came to lose her body, Jane answered,

“I think I was very ill.”

Jane agreed to go to her death and describe it.

“I was raped and killed.”

“Who did that?”

 “I don’t know. I think it was somebody that the family knew.”

When pressed for information, Jane said,

“My life was just horrible and I was very poor.”

Her Mum and Dad were “O.K.”

“They were just busy working, trying to get money. I was often on my own.”

The abuser her strangled her, leaving her body on the bed, “like a little rag doll.”

“I don’t know how I got into Polly. I just don’t know about that bit. I’m just floating around. I can see the body.”

“Yes. You’re floating. Sometimes when the body dies one sees a bright light. Do you see any sort of a light?”


“Do you see anyone that comes for you?”

 “It feels like somebody says… They know. Somebody knows I don’t want to leave…They say, ‘I know something you can do.’”

“Oh, yes? I wonder who that person is.”

 “I think it’s a… There’s a few people around in the same space…”

“There are other people around, like you. Are they children or grown-ups?”


“Yes .”

“This is crazy stuff!”

“All right. It may seem crazy, but just tell me what you’re aware of.”

 “Somebody takes me… There’s a few people. There’s a few sorts of beings around. It’s like a kind of dimension… I don’t even really know that I have the choice to go anywhere else…”

“So somebody takes you. All right, just go with them and tell me what comes next.”

 “It’s not like places and things; it’s not like that.”

“No, it wouldn’t be like that. You’re in a different dimension, aren’t you?”

 “It’s like this; the thing with Polly is, she just comes out of her body and I go into it, and I’m in another place, it’s like - shwit!”

“I see. Polly comes out of her body…”

 “And I go in. Yes, because I like the sex. I like it. Well I don’t really like it. I say I do. I’m prepared to take it because I want to be in a body. It’s not nice floating around. And Polly comes back into her body and I’m there too.”

“So Polly just goes out when the sex comes?”


“And so do you keep doing that? She goes out and you…”

 “Yeah, I do it. I don’t mind.”

“So there are lots of times when you are there and Polly leaves?”

 “Yeah, I don’t mind. I feel very hard but I’m not really. I feel like, O.K. I can take it. It’s all right.”

“You’re used to a very hard life, aren’t you?”

 “Yeah. When I saw myself on the bed like the rag doll, I said, ‘Yeah, all right, fine!’”

“Well, you’ve done Polly a great service. And now, I’d like to speak to Polly again, please, Jane. Thank you so much for talking to me. I’ll talk to you again soon.

Polly, it’s good that we’ve found Jane, isn’t it?”

 “Hmmmm!” with enthusiasm.

She’s obviously played a very important part in your child life. I don’t know yet how much, or what she does in your adult life, but she obviously saved you a lot of pain when you were a child, which helps to explain how it is that you haven’t got a memory of those events, because she was there and you weren’t.


“I don’t know how you feel about it, but my feeling is that we should speak to Jane again and find out more about how she’s contributing or influencing your present life. I certainly don’t think it’s something that should be rushed. You’ll need to think about, when would be the right time for Jane to move on. If I may talk to Jane again, now, Polly; I’d just like to know more about how she’s influencing your life now.”


“Thank you.”

“Jane, it would be good to know what effect you’re having on Polly’s life, now. Obviously what you did for her when she was a child was a great help to her. That explains why it was that she really wasn’t aware of the sex with the father that went on when she was a child. But now the situation is very different, isn’t it, because she’s an adult and you don’t have to protect her. How are you affecting her now, Jane? Are you participating in her life, actively? “

 “Not now much. I think when she’s stressed, I’m there. I don’t think it’s helpful to her any more.”

You don’t think it’s helpful to her?

“Not really.”

Well, do you get stressed? Are there things in Polly’s life that you find difficult to manage?

 “Yeah there’s a responsibility. Not now, because she’s not in that job.”

“Do you still feel as if you’re a child?”

 “Yeah!” laughing. “I am a child.”

“All right! Well, you’re quite a grown up child in that you’re able to appreciate your situation and talk about it. Not every child of nine could do that.”

 “No, I am mature for my age ‘cause I had to do a lot to help my family. I am; I can do a lot. But I think I probably haven’t done a lot to help Polly in that relationship.”

“I’d like to know about that, please, Jane. She had a relationship, I think one that went on for quite a long time, when the man kept coming back and Polly kept taking him back after she said she wouldn’t.”

 “That was me.”

“That was you, was it?”


“You were attracted to that person or you wanted the sexual side of things or… What was it?”

 “I just don’t really care about myself in that way.”

“But you cared that Polly’s partner came back. You say you don’t care for yourself in that way. What was it that you needed or wanted? You wanted to be looked after or to be cared for or…?”


“What was it that you needed then?”

 “I just want the power. I just want the power. I want that sexual power.”


 “But actually I never had it. I thought I had it. Every time I used to think I had it. I could attract these people and have power over them, but actually I never did. I got killed for it.” Laughs.

“Well, yes.”

 “But I still feel like I want that power. I like the power, the power to attract men with that sexual power.”

“Yes. Yes . “

“But it’s not real. I mean I just sort of keep wanting it.”

“Jane, you say you got killed for it. Were there many men that came to you to have sex with you?”

 “No. No no no, but I tried to use my power. I think I just… the way I would move or the way I would look. I was flirtatious.”

“You attracted the men.”

 “Yeah! And I was young. But I just – I don’t know. It was something to do with having that responsibility. I wonder what it was.”

“So there were other men apart from the one that killed you?”

 “It was just… I knew I could get them, by a look or a move. I just could get them.

“How about your parents?”

 “No. They didn’t know anything about it.”

“Well, it must have been a terrible shock for them.

Have you ever tried to communicate directly with Polly?”

“No. No. I have popped up sometimes in her therapy sessions.”

“I wonder what happened then. Perhaps Polly had a little blank in her session or perhaps she was there and she just…”

 “Yes, she was there. I think she was really surprised.”

“Well, I think I do need to speak to Polly again now, please, Jane.

 “Polly, I haven’t asked Jane if she is ready to move on but I think she probably would agree if it’s explained to her.“

 I explain to Polly that, if Jane leaves, she may experience some sense of loss at first.

“I just really want her to go”, says Polly. “I really feel like I could grow up.”

“So I’ll just speak to Jane again and see how she feels about that.

 “Jane is there anybody else here with Polly? Are you aware of anyone else?”


“And have you been with Polly all the time or have you left sometimes?”

 “I’ve been here all the time.”

“Could you leave if you wished to, do you think?”

 “I don’t know.”

“You’ve not tried?”


“I think we need to understand why you didn’t go on into the Light when you lost your body, because that’s the usual thing to do and you can expect to see a bright light. You didn’t see a bright light, did you?”


“So it seems to me there was something which has somehow been holding you back.”

 I give an outline of what is usual and the advantages of going to the Spirit World and the likelihood of reincarnation.

“It sounds lovely. I don’t know why I didn’t ... The only thing I can think of is I just felt so bad; I didn’t think I deserved to do that. I just think I may have seen the Light and turned away, thinking that’s not for me…”

I explain that Hell is simply a state of mind. I suggest that she goes to the Light now.

She looks up and sees, “Like a hole in the sky!”

“Tell me about the hole in the sky.”

 “There’s white people looking down at me, round the edges.”


 “It’s light, very, very light.”

I suggest to Jane that she think strongly of her parents.

“They’re here with me. There’s one either side of me.” They look really happy. Her mother is crying with happiness.

I have Jane challenge each parent three times, to make sure that they are not imposters. Then she goes with them gladly.

Polly, “I’ve given her a hug and said, “Thank you very, very much. I think somehow we’ll keep in touch, I’m not sure how. She’s just going. I see them with her. She’s going up. J.C.’s there with them. There’s a few angels around. There’s a lot of joy.”

Healing angels from the Light are asked to cleanse Polly’s energy system, the chakras and the aura. I thank the helpers from the Light. Polly feels relief, a deep calm and she senses a reddish-gold colour. I bring her back to full consciousness.

Polly comments, “That’s crazy stuff! It’s funny, because I don’t feel elated. I feel extraordinary and yet ordinary.”


This is an unusual case. While it is common for earthbound entities to be attracted to those who suffer similar trauma, it is rare for the attached entity to benefit the host. Following her death at the hands of a paedophile, Jane, aged nine, attaches to Polly, a girl of three, having an out-of-body experience during sexual abuse from her father. Jane experienced the abuse, while Polly was unaware. Jane’s presence has a similar effect to the dissociative splitting that commonly occurs during episodes of extreme abuse in early childhood. While, in extreme cases, the establishment of dissociative identity disorder (DID) through this technique can be a life-saver in childhood, it usually causes serious disruption in later life. The promiscuity and instability that Polly experienced in adulthood seems to have been related to Jane’s continued presence. It ceased following Jane’s release. Three months later she reported great progress in mood and confidence. It is now 2½ years since our session and the improvement has been further built on. Polly gave permission for this account to be published. Only her name is changed.

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