Case Histories
Spiritualist Rescue Work
by Michael Evans

Each Week, in England and Wales, ten thousand people leave their physical bodies and move on to life in a higher dimension. We call this death. For most it is a wonderful release from the strains and limitations of earthly life. The sense of well-being, the reunion with loved ones, friends and cherished pets and the freedom of movement, have all been documented in thousands of messages from the departed. I have recorded many many hundreds of these myself.

A few, however, do get stuck! Their state of mind at death seems to make it difficult, if not impossible, for the waiting helpers to contact and guide them. In war this is particularly so, and this is where an earthly Rescue Circle can help.

Although I had read of Air Marshal Hugh Dowding, Commander-In-Chief of Fighter Command during the Battle Of Britain doing rescue work with dead aircrew, it never occurred to me that one day I might be involved in it myself. Looking back I can see that, with others, I was being prepared for it in various ways. When the war in the Gulf appeared imminent, a member of our group of mediums and mediators invited some of us to join her peace circle to send thoughts of peace towards the Middle East.

However, the war started on Wednesday 16th January 1991, and when we were in the circle, our clairvoyant hostess's guide spoke to her asking us if we would undertake rescue work. We agreed, and a young USAAF pilot started to speak to her explaining that he and his crew knew they had passed - they had seen their bodies in the plane. In spite of just having been killed in action, she said, they were cheerful, lively and very polite.
"Could we sit on your settee, Ma'am? Gee, we like your lounge!"

We had no problem explaining that, although they had left their physical bodies, they could look forward to an interesting life in a new dimension, that they must mentally ask for help and look for the light which would appear. They soon reported that helpers had come and they would go with them. Two of our mediums now developed the ability to go into trance and allow the spirits to speak to us directly. Having little psychic ability, it often fell to me to conduct the dialogue with our spirit visitors and later I took charge of recording all that went on, pinning a button microphone to whoever was channelling,

With the war raging until the 28th of February we were kept busy dealing with those killed in battle: young English and Scots soldiers, Iraqis who could speak English; many were brought to us and with experience we became more confident in helping them. It seemed that we could be the first contact for puzzled souls after the shock of injury and death. We would explain briefly that a new life awaited them and helpers from this new dimension would come to greet them. So many were brought at that time that I can only describe a few in any detail. On one occasion one of our mediums suddenly came out of trance saying: "I'm not having that kind of language!"

She was then quiet for a while but her face showed signs of a mental struggle. When she came out of trance, she said: "That was a job! He was a coloured US Army Sergeant and did not realise he had died. He was swearing like a trooper at the soldiers who were ignoring him and his orders. He denied he was dead until I mentally suggested that he tested the matter by seeing if he could walk through a wall. He tried it and said 'By God, Ma'am, you're right!". After a bit I got him to look for spirit helpers and he was soon on his way". Later we heard that a US Army base in Saudi Arabia had been hit by a Scud Missile.

One voice with an Iraqi accent asked plaintively: "Where is the Paradise? I cannot find Paradise". I explained that there was indeed a kind of Paradise, not quite like the one described in the Koran. A helper soon arrive to take care of him and lead him on.

When the Gulf war ended we asked if we would continue with Rescue Work. We now had five trance mediums in our group, none of whom would have even thought of being paid for this work, the work has continued to the present day.

One day four young students who had died in a car crash came into the group. One said: "We heard the crash and found ourselves walking along the road. Then we heard your music and saw your light and so we came in". Three of them went off with helpers but the fourth young man was quite unruly. "What's this?", he said, "a church?". We said we were just a group who helped people who had died. "It is!" he said, "It's a b----- church!".

In the end we persuaded him to ask for help and he was guided away. When I got home, I found that this last young man had been a friend of my grandson's. He said his remarks were entirely in character for he had a strong dislike of churches ...

We have had a courtier from the court of Queen Victoria brought to us who had slept for most of his time in the darkness his theology had taught him to expect, while he awaited the resurrection at the last Trump. The guides know when any particular candidate is ready to wake or move on, and they bring them to us as being on a similar vibrational level. To our theologically indoctrinated courtier, the spirit helper appeared as an angel Our courtier was amazed and charmed at the brilliant spiritual world he had been entirely unaware of, and has told us several times how happy he is. He now has a group which is busy awakening others from the same period.

Also in February, a young girl reported that she was cold and in a dark box underground. When, by persuasion, we showed her how to break free from her self-imposed prison, her happiness was wonderfully mirrored on the medium s face. She returned to beg us not to give up our work as she was sure many more were in a similar state. The idea of a coffin and sleeping in the grave had imprisoned her.

Although the vast majority of people go over without any problem, and most are delighted with what they find, the dangers of orthodox and fundamentalist teachings are graphically illustrated by such examples. We have often wondered how the guides bring these spirits to us, when they cannot communicate with them successfully themselves. A helper called Mabel explained to us that by mental concentration they can form a cocoon of thought substance around the spirit and move him or her over the entranced medium so that we can start our work.

I am sometimes asked to help people who feel they have an earthbound spirit in their home. Perhaps the children have seen a figure and are frightened or lights or the TV are mysteriously switched on and off. We go as a small team and usually have no problems in getting the spirit to speak to us and then persuading him or her to move on. Often such spirits do not know they are dead and are totally confused as to what has happened to them. Others are very attached to their homes and have refused to leave, although another family is living there. Recently, in a ruined chapel, a preacher and three of his brethren were helped to move onto to the beautiful realms of the Spirit World.

Since we released a spirit from our local Kentucky Fried Chicken shop we have been almost overwhelmed with requests and we have had to restrict ourselves to a 30 mile radius from Exeter and ask for travelling expenses as we make no charge for our services. Recently a local G.P. asked us to help with an apparition that had totally devastated a friend who had seen it in her house. It turned out that the spirit was Jacob , who had been hanged nearby for horse stealing some time prior to 1837. He was more than grateful when we got members of his family to come an guide him onwards.

We always offer a recording of the rescue to those involved which helps them understand the procedure and realise that we are just as concerned for the welfare of the spirit as we are for the the humans. Certain abilities and precautions are necessary for the successful carrying out of Rescue Work and I offer a free leaflet describing a Rescue Pack which I supply to anyone wishing to attempt this much needed work themselves.

As a young, agnostic, RAF Officer, Michael had a 'road to Damascus' experience in Salisbury cathedral which changed his life and put him on the spiritual path. On leaving his post as Senior Flying Control officer at RAF Lahore, in Northern India, he went into teaching. as Head of Department and, later, acting as head of the Lower School at St. Thomas High School in Exeter. He taught law and religious education among other subjects.

When a spinal injury threatened early retirement in his fifties, and orthodox medicine offered no relief, he went in desperation to the Exeter Spiritualist Church for spiritual healing. Here, rather unusually, he was completely healed in ten minutes and the problem has never returned.

This began many years of practical investigation of mediumship, Spiritualism and Theosophy. From 1979 to 1988 he was a member of a group taught by members of the White Eagle Brotherhood under the guidance of the Tibetan Master, Djwal Khul, who taught Alice A. Bailey. For many years he was an Exeter magistrate and chairman of the Devon Branch of the Conservation Society, and latterly he has been Chairman of the Governors of a local school.

Michael has given a number of talks on 'Life After Death' and 'Rescue Work' both at home and abroad. He has helped with the editing and production of three books on spiritual teaching and also produced a 'Rescue Pack' for those contemplating doing this valuable work themselves.

Books he has helped with are Soul Trek - The Journey of the Soul , by Julie Gale, In Touch With J Raynor Johnson , by Sheila Gwillam, and Billy Grows Up In Spirit told by Billy himself. (Well worth reading - AS).

To order a rescue pack or contact Michael please write to: 59, The Maltings, Church Street, Exeter EX2 5EJ Tel: 01392 438 434

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