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Spirit Rescue & Clearance

"This site is intended to add to the information available to those interested in spirit rescue should be viewed as mostly a product of my own experience."

"Where spirit rescue is concerned there is no definitive methodology or techniques that are absolutely right or correct, but rather that some methods are more productive than others depending very much on who is using them." - Ian Bradley.

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Royal College of Psychiatry Special Interest Group on Spirituality

The link leads to the publications archive, where many interesting articles, especially those by Dr. Andrew Powell, can be found. Subjects include spirituality, spirit release, the soul and past-lives.   The articles do not all give purely a psychiatric perspective. Many are aimed at broadening the understanding of psychiatrists and other professionals. They are very readable and include many interesting references.

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College of Psychic Studies

Founded in 1884, the College is an educational charity. It seeks to promote spiritual values and a greater understanding of the wider areas of human consciousness, welcoming the truths of all spiritual traditions and, equally, each and every individual. The College programme, published each term, details Lectures, Workshops, Special Events, Private Consultations and Healing Programmes available for members and non-members.

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The Spiritual Crisis Network

Spiritual crisis (often called Spiritual Emergency, Emergence, Awakening or psycho-spiritual crisis) is a turbulent period of spiritual opening and transformation. The Spiritual Crisis Network is a charity that recognises that spiritual crisis and mental health difficulties often overlap. The Spiritual Crisis Network offers an email support service and provides general information on spiritual crisis.

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Scientific and Medical Network

The Scientific and Medical Network aims to deepen understanding in science, medicine and education by fostering both rational analysis and intuitive insights. It questions the assumptions of contemporary scientific and medical thinking, so often limited by exclusively materialistic reasoning. By remaining open to intuitive and spiritual insights, it fosters a climate in which science as a whole can adopt a more comprehensive and sensitive approach.

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The Society for Psychical Research

The SPR was the first organisation established to examine allegedly paranormal phenomena using scientific principles. The Society for Psychical Research is a registered charity, established in 1882.  For 130 years the Society has been dedicated to the dispassionate investigaton of phenomena which challenge conventional doctrines. As a scientific body, it has no collective viewpoints. Its members come from a wide range of professions and hold widely differing opinions. Through the SPR libraries, which include a comprehensive online library, its members can gain access to the full content of SPR's publications from the very first issues to the present day, as well as a number of out-of-print classic books and materials.

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The College of Healing

The College of Healing, established in 1983, is a registered charity whose primary aim is to broaden individuals' understanding and expression of healing. It offers a variety of courses and will send distance healing or clear negative energies from those in need.

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